Why write?

The education path to become a scientist is heavy on the technical aspects of the job. Math and science courses form the basis for our future work and they are naturally required. But very few bachelor of science degrees require even a single English course and I believe this is a serious oversight.

Writing is the primary method of information relay between scientists. After all the research is completed, the experiments done, and the hypotheses confirmed (or debunked) the results must be communicated to the scientific community in the form of a publication. And it is here that many otherwise competent scientists fall short. A well written paper can make the difference between acceptance to a prestigious journal or a mediocre one, or even not getting published at all. In fact, poorly written papers are one of the main reasons for rejection from journals, meaning that before your paper is ever evaluated on its scientific merit it could be rejected on the basis of how it is written. So for the sake of the science, don’t ignore the English.

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